Welcome to the world of walking psychotherapy! Hi! I'm Gina Gheller, LCSW, the founder of Walk and Talks, LLC.  I began integrating walking sessions  into my private practice several years ago, and launched Walk and Talks in 2018 as a way for other therapists to confidently integrate walking sessions into their practice. 

Walking is not just good for clients, but it is also good for us.  Sitting day after day in a chair is NOT optimal for self care.  Walking allows us to refresh, reset, and actually be more present for our clients.  The combination of our own improved alertness and creativity along with that of our client's offers a powerful new energy to problem solving and the traditional therapeutic alliance.  Plus, who doesn't want to burn more calories at work AND get a healthier, less stressed mind and body?

Join me in this journey of expanding psychotherapy treatment options to include this holistic, healthy approach to wellness.  Follow my blog for walking psychotherapy tips, therapist wellness, and other self-help topics.

By Gina Gheller, LCSW

 The Walking Psychotherapist 

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