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What on earth are Walk and Talks?

How fast do we walk?

Where do we meet?

You set the pace. We meet you at your level, your speed, your day, your session.  The natural mental health benefits of being outdoors occur whether we walk, stroll, sit on the bench or any combination of these.
We offer a variety of therapists, each offering a list of parks where they conduct sessions. Most therapists are willing to travel to a park near you. Once you contact us, we can recommend a therapist or connect you with your selected therapist.
Our mission is to take traditional therapy sessions outdoors, fusing together all of the expected mental health benefits of office sessions along with all of the physical & mental health benefits of walking outdoors. We speak in a conversational tone, confidentiality, as always, is paramount. We motivate and solve problems from a wellness, open perspective.


What do I wear?

What about the weather?

Walk and Talks sessions last 45-50 minutes. These professional psychotherapy sessions cost $150 per Walk and Talk and are paid at the time of scheduliing via credit or debit card. All cancellations require 24 hour advance notice. 
Dress comfortably. Exercise clothes, tennis shoes, and an extra layer for cooler weather. We encourage brininging a water bottle, & wearing  sunscreen. Keeping workout clothes in your car helps you to be prepared for a session, or for whatever walking comes your way!
Walk and Talks happen rain or shine. On hot summer days, we conduct sessions in the earlier morning or later evening hours. Video sessions during inclement weather or other unforseen events (traffic jam) are always available. 

Can I bring my baby?

Can I bring my dog?

YES!! We promote walking with your baby in a stroller during sesssions. Several of our therapists specialize in Post-Partum Depression, Parenting Issues, & Family Issues. Walking your child during the sessions relieves the stress of arranging  child care while also facilitation quality parent-child time walking in the park. ​
YES!! Walking your canine family members during your session also relieves additional stress of finding time to walk your pet. In addition, most clients find that bringing their dog adds another layer of depth to their Walk and Talk experience.